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Analyze Online Narratives

Trace the evolution of narratives, from initial deployment to final impact.
Monitor large numbers of sources
Surface trending keywords
Identify thematic clusters
Visualize time-based amplification patterns
Uncover previously-undetected coordination

Analyze Online Narratives

- with the power of A.I.
Trace the evolution of narratives, from initial deployment to final impact.
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Narrative Intelligence Platform


A robust analytics tool designed for professional analysts, and allows for deep research leveraging AI analysis of narratives, networks, sources, keywords, and other metrics.
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Dynamic and continually updated, Briefs are designed to be compact and shareable by people who aren’t trained analysts, but need to consume the kinds of reports and products analysts produce.
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Integrate our large-scale consumption of data and sophisticated AI and ML narrative analysis algorithms into your existing workflows.
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Kudzu Capabilities

Theme Clustering

Trending narrative themes are detected and visualized in ways that enable analysts to see how narratives are shifting and evolving over time.

Network Monitoring

Provides the ability to select a group of sources and monitor their narrative behavior over time, seeing intra- as well as inter-network behavior.

Keyword Extraction

Keyword trend surfacing and co-amplification detection in ways that help analysts discover thematic strategies and coordination efforts.

Amplification Detection

Detect whenever different sources amplify the same narrative, and brings it to your attention.

AI Recaps

Entire articles summarized into brief recaps allow analysts to assess the general meaning of an article in seconds.


Sources organized into modules based on type, geography, allegiance, or as requested. Pre-built modules also available for use.

Source Tagging

Flexible & powerful tagging system provides extreme organizational flexibility.

Data Export

Text, images, charts, and other data can be exported in multiple formats for use in other tools, products, and systems.
Signal Over Noise
Monitor and analyze only relevant and vetted sources. Analysts are able to focus on publishers, experts, and other influencers who are key creators and shapers of AOR narratives.
○ Platform Agnostic
Not limited to specific platforms or channels. Consume and analyze any kind of narrative data.
○ Time Savings
Our users report time savings of 24X compared to other OSINT tools.
○ Interoperable
Designed with interoperability in mind, Kudzu provides extensive data export capabilities for use in other systems and tools.
○ Unbiased
Uses no algorithms to weight its results or create artificial emphasis.

Board of Directors

Joe Stradinger
Chairman, Founder, CEO
Jim Barksdale
Netscape, ATT Wireless, FedEx
Carlos Ramon
Peoplesoft, Akamai, Compas
Mike Stradinger
Infochip, Holland1916
Don Cannada
Barksdale Management

Strategic Advisers

William P. Crowell
Mr. Crowell is currently a venture capitalist and has served in senior executive positions for a number of successful technology companies, mainly in the information security industry. He also served as Deputy Director of the NSA and as Chairman of the Director of National Intelligence Senior Advisory Group.
Tripp McCullar
Tripp is a national security and government relations leader with experience throughout the Middle East, Asia and Europe. He previously served 20+ years as an Army Green Beret, US Embassy Attaché, and Director at the White House National Security Council (NSC)
Narrative Theme

Misinformation, Disinformation, and the need for Narrative Intelligence

The internet allows us to connect, communicate and share content. However, just as there are those that use the internet to enrich their lives, there are also those that exploit it to harm others.
Often the most dangerous of these are the most subtle.
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Narrative Insights

Understand and visualize important narratives around industry, topics, and your competitors. Understand what's being said and who is saying it. 

Source Analysis

Whether it's Congress members, news agencies, companies, or individuals, know who is doing the talking.

Amplification Detection

Better understand top amplified narratives broken down by time, source, and keyword.