Our technology combines human and artificial intelligence so organizations can understand and leverage the conversations that shape their world.

99% of the battle is understanding the conversation

The conversation is either your greatest asset or liability. 
It wins business, elections, and wars.

A data-driven approach to conversation

Powered by A.I.

Effective Threat Assessment

Instantly uncover, understand and visualize important conversations around industry, topics and your competitors. Disinformation can make it almost impossible to see the full picture. Conversation Trends enables you to find actionable intelligence, patterns, content and connections for any topic, no matter the volume of results.

Narrative Themes

Every day we process millions of pieces of content from thousands of sources. Individual items are atomized into body text, narrative themes, keywords, and hashtags.


Disarm the disinformation. See the trends that matter by time, volume, and velocity. Get a critical head start with easy to understand conversation intelligence that quickly reveals disinformation campaigns and global threats surfaced from millions of archived and real-time conversations.
counter messaging


Our platform can not only detect and monitor the entities involved, but enable you counter their disinformation-filled narratives through the use of targeted messaging at scale.

EdgeTheory technology powers Soundboard.

EdgeTheory technology also powers Soundboard. Soundboard enables consumers and SMBs to understand and participate in the conversations that matter to them. Create deeper connections that grow your business. Never make a cold call with Soundboard.
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In this volatile time, all organizations need to understand the conversations that are happening at a faster rate than ever before.

EdgeTheory provides solutions for:
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