What is Soundboard VIP?

Well… first let’s tell you what it’s not. It’s not a coupon. It’s not a loyalty program. It’s not about Twitter, and not about running your Facebook page. Soundboard VIP is all about getting your customers to give you the most valuable form of advertising there is: Word of mouth.

Soundboard VIP makes it as quick and easy as possible for your customers to tell their Facebook friends about your business, and get rewarded for it.


How Does Soundboard VIP Work?

It’s very simple.

Your customers open a web browser like Safari or Chrome on their phone or tablet. They enter a short web address (you can tell it to them, or hand them a card we provide you) and choose from a few suggested messages. Then they share that message on their Facebook page, where their friends see it.

To get their reward, they simply show it to you at the point of purchase.

How you incentivize them is completely up to you. Maybe it’s 10% off. Maybe it’s buy one, get one free. It’s completely up to you.

Better Than a Check-In.

Facebook’s algorithms favor “organic” posts made by users, over simple “check-ins” at your business. That means more people see them, which in turn means more people engage with them.


Better Than a Coupon.

Soundboard VIP doesn’t require people to cut anything out of a newspaper. It doesn’t get thrown away in the mail. There’s nothing to “redeem.”

There’s nothing for you to keep track of, and you know exactly how many are given out, and exactly how many are used.

But best of all, Soundboard VIP gives you benefits: Instant, positive exposure to your customers’ many Facebook friends.


Better Than a Loyalty Program.

Soundboard VIP doesn’t require customers to sign up for anything. There’s no waiting. They don’t get annoying emails. There’s no paperwork for you to deal with. There’s exactly zero follow-up for you to do.

You’re in Control.

You decide what your promotion will be. You decide exactly how many people it will be offered to, and when. Only the first twenty people on Fridays? Everybody who walks through the door on Wednesday? No problem. You can pause and resume offering promotions whenever you like.

Get Started Right Now

You can be up and running with Soundboard VIP in 48 hours. All we need is your logo and your first promotion, and you’re ready to go!


Soundboard VIP Flier PDF

Download the Soundboard VIP flier and share it with your team!