Why sales teams need a new approach

Buying, once a one-way interaction between an informed seller and a curious buyer, has become a conversation between equals. Customers are hungry for high-quality expert information related to their interests and content that helps them become smarter shoppers. 

The most successful companies today are transforming their sales teams into online thought leaders and harnessing the power of conversation to win new business.



Professionally curated content relevant to your industry along with suggested messages for your salespeople to post.

Unlike other platforms, EdgeTheory creates the content for you!

3. Soundboard provides suggested posts for each article.  4. Publish Soundboard content on multiple social networks, through text, or email.

Soundboard Integrations

Soundboard fully integrates with major social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instant Messenger. Digital natives can take advantage of Soundboard's connectivity to scheduling tools (Hootsuite/Buffer) or utilize a personalized approach by sharing soundboard content via text message or email.

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Thought Leadership Content for Sales Teams

Soundboard allows salespeople to evolve into thought leaders, consultants, and brand ambassadors who can give customers the answers they can’t find with a search engine or on a company website. Relevant, compelling, and compliant content is the fuel that sales teams need to drive more business.


Why Soundboard?

Conversation Matters. It wins business. Content is the fuel for conversation. In order to grow business, sales leaders must establish thought leadership and share meaningful content that relates to their customers.

  • White label
  • Minimal time investment
  • 2-click workflow for sharing
  • Multiple channel integrations
  • New content everyday
  • Unlimited scale
  • Cost effective

Ready for new leads?

Social Selling Training

Did you know? Only 9% of US companies train their salespeople on how to use social media for sales.

Don't worry, Soundboard includes professional training for your whole sales team! We'll teach them how to build an effective social selling strategy and best practices for becoming an industry thought leader.