Amplify your message using your brand advocates

Your marketing and sales teams are busy selling but who is generating word-of-mouth marketing for your brand. Your brand advocates are essentially and extention of your marketing team and can help you share the great content you produce on their own social channels.

Who are these brand advocates? They are generally your employees and customers who want to see you succeed and share positive content with their community. How do you get your content to your advocates and make it easy for them to share it?

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The easiest way to get your content in the hands of your brand advocates and control the narrative.

Unlike other platforms, EdgeTheory creates the content for you!

3. Soundboard provides suggested posts for each article.  4. Publish Soundboard content on multiple social networks, through text, or email.

Soundboard Integrations

Soundboard fully integrates with major social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instant Messenger. Digital natives can take advantage of Soundboard's connectivity to scheduling tools (Hootsuite/Buffer) or utilize a personalized approach by sharing soundboard content via text message or email.

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Diversify your content and turn your advocates into thought leaders

Soundboard allows your advocates to evolve into thought leaders, consultants, and brand ambassadors who can give your wider audience content they would otherwise have to search for or worse, never see. Having relevant and compelling content for your advocates to share is key to a successful brand advocacy strategy.


Why Soundboard?

Conversation matters and you can use word-of-mouth to generate interest for your brand. You can think of Soundboard as a central hub where your advocates can easily find great content that you want them to share.

  • Your branding
  • Minimal time investment
  • 2-click workflow for sharing
  • Multiple channel integrations
  • New content everyday
  • Unlimited scale
  • Cost effective

Ready to give your advocates what they want?