Give your people something to say.

The only way to get above the noise today and obtain a great share of the conversation is for organizations to get their "people" to talk for them. Soundboard provides suggested and/or automated content to an organization's advocates to amplify and unify the conversation.

The more conversation share an organization has, the more mind share and market share it will have. 


Unlike most social media advocacy and marketing automation tools that require their customers to create the content, Soundboard actually creates the content for them. Soundboard allows users to post on any social media handle and through email and text messaging.


For Organizations

Organizations are able to act like media companies when their reps, advocates, and/or customers talk for them.



Example 2




Soundboard WordPress Plugin

Embed Soundboard on your website and give your visitors content to share and more ways to share it than ever before.


Social Sharing Plugin

Share any post on popular social networks like Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Plus, you can also share via text message and over email.

Suggested Messages

Much like a Hallmark card, Soundboard gives your users something to say with their social media posts. Your visitors can choose from 3 to 5 handcrafted messages with each post.

Syndicated Articles

Soundboard gives you more content with relevant articles from trusted third-party sites. We pull in a full copy of the syndicated article and embed it into your WordPress site.



A searchable, mobile-friendly listing of your WordPress posts and syndicated articles.  Also includes, two summary views: one for your landing page and one for your sidebar.



Up-and-running in 5 minutes

We provide you an API key and you drop our newsfeed, widget, and syndicated page into your site to get started.

We do custom integrations and will update the styling to match your site.