The Art and Science of Conversation Engineering 

Before pipeline, you must build awareness, interest, and marketing energy. Yet, most content marketing approaches are not making a dent in the digital universe. Learn how you can change this paradigm so you get heard! 


This 30 minute demo will show you the science of digital conversation engineering. 

  • Why Conversation Matters: How to find people not yet looking for you

  • Understanding Conversation Intersections: Linking your target market interests to your world. 

  • Why most content marketing has no shot of working: Publishing content at a drip-drip pace equates to content whispering. And most do not understand that content is not about you, it is about them.

  • Conversation Mapping: Using intelligence to map and listen to your target market conversation.

  • Why every organization must act like a media company: Thought leadership requires publishing information. More voices = More conversations = More influence = More pipeline

  • How to measure your share of conversation: How to use the science of digital conversation media to change how you market and build a reputation.


SPEAKERS: Joe Stradinger, a Ted Talk veteran and CEO of EdgeTheory works with some the nation's leading brands, including:, Washington Redskins, Viking, Mayo Clinic and many more. Partner, Paul Wingate, is Principal of Beacon TechMarketing and has led over 300 clients in the art of building reputation differentiation including Discovery Channel, Armstrong Flooring, Cystic Fibrosis, Vycor HelpDesk Software and many technology startups.

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