Tweets automatically sent through your Twitter handle to help you increase your sales. You don't have to do a thing but sign up.


The Power of Selling Social

Consumers are engaged in social media conversations everyday and studies have shown their buying decisions are heavily influenced by word of mouth and brand advocates. Take advantage of social selling by being active in conversations that relate to your business.


Social Media Directly Affects Sales


Salespeople who use social media meet or exceed their quota. (Aberdeen Group)


Salespeople outperformed their peers using social media, exceeding 10% over quota. (InsideView)


Salespeople close a deal as a direct result of social media. (Mckinsey & Group)


Consumers are more likely to buy a new product when learning about it from friends or family (Nielson)


You need content to Sell Effectively

Twitter is a powerful social platform built for conversation and has 302 million active users. It's an opportunity for direct sales organizations to increase brand awareness and increase their conversation share. The challenge is creating enough content to stay part of the conversation. Soundboard solves this problem by giving organizations the ability to control their narrative by unifying the voices of their reps with company-approved Twitter messaging.


Who is Soundboard for?

Multi-level Marketing Companies

Referral Marketers


Direct Sales Organizations

Network Sales Teams


Why Wouldn't Salespeople Leverage Social Selling?

1. Don't know what to say

EdgeTheory creates relevant content using client input, company research, and keyword targeting.

2. Afraid to say the wrong thing

Content is pre-approved by the organization.

3. Don't have the time to maintain

Soundboard content publishes automatically with zero maintenance. 

4. Don't know how to use Twitter

EdgeTheory can provide assistance to sales teams on how to use Twitter for network sales.

Soundboard Process



Every message is different

Randomized time deployment

Message optimization

Opt-in message topics

Messages with photos

Multiple languages available

90-second minute signup

Zero maintenance

Reps can still post on their own


   Example Soundboard Landing Page


Example Soundboard Landing Page

Soundboard Benefits

Soundboard enhances the capabilities of sales teams to sell smarter and utilize today's leading social platforms to get more sales and build their brand. Organizations have the ability to unify the voices of their sales teams, amplify the brand message, and effectively manage brand reputation on social media. Conversations are opportunities to intersect with customers not yet looking for an organization's products. Soundboard increases an organization's conversation share around relevant topics which directly increases sales and visibility.

Get your sales reps into the conversation today!

Track Performance with EdgeReport Analytics

EdgeReport gives organizations real-time analytics with granular control so they can see what's working, what's not, and what to say next. From whole messages to individual words, hashtags, and links, EdgeReports show you what’s getting the most attention from your market. Stop guessing about what works and what doesn’t. Now you can see it right before your eyes.


Client Quick View: Direct Sales Organization

A large Direct Sales Organization was looking to expand their reach on social media and empower their sales team to use social media to grow their businesses. A Soundboard was created that deployed messaging through independent distributors' Twitter handles with message topics around healthy living, industry news, and brand promotional content. In addition to unifying and aligning member voices to the brand narrative, Soundboard significantly increased the organization's brand visibility, generating new business for distributors and helping them build a larger downline.



Soundboard Users


Messages Published per Month


Total Tweets Published


Click Through Rate (CTR)

"Since signing up for Soundboard, I've picked up more Twitter followers and noticed more engagement on my handle. I love the fact that I don't have to come up with post frequently - great content just shows up!"
- International Multi-level Marketing Director

"A massive shout-out to for the incredible international team call you did for us! Sharing the way we can use Twitter Soundboard for our business and brilliant results coming thru .. Very grateful for your time on how to use Twitter to help educate and influence people into healthy eating and transforming old habits.

International Multi-level Marketing Director