More Voices = More Conversation = More Influence

EdgeTheory uses Conversation Engineering to infiltrate and influence your target audience in a digital world.


The frustration from so many companies is how hard it is to break through the noise to get heard and be found. 

#1 The Noise

We are all up against a tsunami of digital noise which makes it difficult to be heard.  

#2 The Resources 

Content is the fuel for being found. But, for most, it is impossible to generate and publish enough content to infiltrate the conversation.  




 EdgeTheory Digital Conversation Science

The platform creates and publishes relevant thought leadership content at massive scale that intersects the digital news and information that your world lives in.

Platform Built on the Art of the Conversation 

Build reputations, brands, products, causes, or topics you are trying to own. 

Proprietary technology with advanced machine learning and neural linguistic active listening provides real-time content listening and analysis to any product or storyline. Skilled conversation engineers construct and deploy content templates or packages for each campaign, cause, topic, or targeted persona you want to influence. 



Use intelligence to map conversation opportunities.


Create authentic content using templating technology.


Publish time-optimized social messaging.


Report actionable intel and real-time analytics.


Use Cases


Cause Marketing

Leveraging the voice of your supporters with a firestorm of social media influence. Connecting advocates to join the fight with your approved messaging.

Accelerate Sales Cycle

Building more trust, visibility, credibility, respect, and interest to get heard more and found faster.

Crisis Management

When crisis strikes your company or organization, you have a short window to get your side heard. And the media is rarely your friend.

Customer Reviews

Review sites are often provide the first impression of your brand. Take control of your reputation.


See How It Works 

Over 10,000 businesses use our content everyday to grow their share of the conversation