I'll Have What She's Having: Your People Want Content

Word Of Mouth Works

It's easy for entrepreneurs, direct selling organizations, team leaders, restaurant owners, small business owners, etc to get caught in the online bubble. They've been taught that building an engaged customer base is as easy as posting a blog, placing a Facebook ad, Tweeting, or sending an email blast. Those activities are important, but potential customers don't want to hear what YOU have to say about your brand.

According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising. That includes most of what brands typically post on their branded social media channels. Your biggest opportunity to grow your business or brand recognition is through your fans, employees, reps, or customers personal social media handles.

The Problem

There is one big problem with Word of Mouth marketing. Most people find it challenging to come up with something to say. Folks totally overthink what to say when it comes to social media. There’s something about typing something out, re-reading it and then second guessing it that stops everyone in their tracks.

Your People Want Content

There's an easy way to remedy the situation. Give your people content! If your fans, employees, reps, or customers don't have to struggle for the right words, they are way more likely to share what's great about your brand to their friends. But that puts the responsibility of creating all of that shareable content on your or your marketing team's shoulders. So now what?

The Happy Ending

Let me introduce you to Soundboard.  Content is our specialty. We know what content works and what doesn't. Soundboard creates content for your team for your team to share through their Facebook and Twitter handles.

Soundboard for Teams

#TeamContent for Facebook

Each week, we curate and recommend high-impact articles for you or teams to share on Facebook. Under each article, you'll get recommended status updates that you can copy into your post with a single click. That way, you'll always have something smart to say.

#TeamContent For Twitter™

  • Opt-in once and you'll get team content posted to your Twitter timeline several times a week. Set it and forget it!

  • We create tweets customized for you or a team. Some tweets talk about your city and lead to your website so you always get credit for your sales.

  • Soundboard never gets access to your Twitter password or any other protected information. It can only post great tweets for you.

Soundboard for Customers

What is Soundboard VIP?

Soundboard VIP makes it as quick and easy as possible for your customers to tell their Facebook friends about your business, and get rewarded for it.

What It's Not

It’s not a coupon. It’s not a loyalty program. It’s not about Twitter, and not about running your Facebook page. Soundboard VIP is all about getting your customers to give you the most valuable form of advertising there is: Word of mouth.

Your customers open a web browser like Safari or Chrome on their phone or tablet. They enter a short web address (you can tell it to them, or hand them a card we provide you) and choose from a few suggested messages. Then they share that message on their Facebook page, where their friends see it.

To get their reward, they simply show it to you at the point of purchase.

How you incentivize them is completely up to you. Maybe it’s 10% off. Maybe it’s buy one, get one free. It’s completely up to you.

Want to Know More?

Why wouldn't you? Let us show you what we can do for you!

Learn more about #TeamContent: https://soundboard.edgetheory.com/healthwellness/#/landing

Learn more about Soundboard VIP: http://edgetheory.com/soundboard-vip