Persona works on all major social networks.

Persona is a social media management service that monitors conversation, creates and publishes content (CaaS), and provides actionable intelligence to organizations.  Our platform integrates with all social networks and publishes in multiple languages.

We create branded, semi-branded and non-branded personas for all social networks and in multiple languages. Let us create a content strategy for you!

Your Branded Social Voice

Our social media management services include creating content in multiple languages, client approval process, message scheduling & publication, and actionable intelligence. Our services are low-to-zero maintenance and at a lower cost than you might expect.

EdgeTheory's conversation engineers create content that is relevant to your conversation. These conversations are designed to engage your audience, giving you the edge you need to stay ahead of your competition. We give you the right blend of promotional, educational, and evergreen content to keep your conversation fresh and diverse.

Creating New Brand Voices

It's almost impossible for a main company handle (voice) to be relevant to everyone. Customers can generally be clustered into groups based on their interests and lifestyles. It's important for companies to realize this and tailor their social media strategy accordingly to stay relevant. Think of it as multiple personalities that a company can use to reach each cluster of customers. 


An airline company's main handle shares exciting travel destinations, manages its customer service, posts travel specials, and reports on industry news.  This results in their voice only being partially relevant to someone researching ideas about their next vacation.


Industry related news, manage customer service, and report delays.
Exciting destinations, travel specials, and stories of travel adventures.

Creating a new voice gives more specificity to the group looking for exciting travel content while maintaining the helpfulness of the Airline's main handle.