Going Beyond The Brand:
Box Beauty Persona Example

What if Beauty Box wanted to reach a specific audience? Create new voices for the brand! 

What if Beauty Box wanted to reach a specific audience? Create new voices for the brand! 


1. Understand The Audience

Kim - a 20-year-old undergraduate woman with liberal political views and a modest income. Kim is concerned about environmental issues facing society, her student debt, and giving to charity. To supplement her income, she blogs about makeup that is environmentally friendly and affordable.

Nicola - a 40-year-old woman who is high-earning and uses high-end makeup to reduce the aging process. She takes vacations regularly and practices a healthy lifestyle when she can. Price is not an issue for her as she sees the products she uses as an investment and balks at the idea of plastic surgery. 


2. Create New Voices For Each Demographic

Kim’s demographic: A branded Persona “Box Eco” that posts content about how Box Beauty’s products are made with eco-friendly materials, how Box Beauty gives back to the community, and promoting the company's view that “everyone is beautiful”.

Nicola’s demographic: A non-branded Persona “Age Wellness” that publishes content about skin-care research, healthy living, and activities that promote wellness. Periodically, content will promote high-end Box products.

These two Personas directly connect with their target audience and focus Box Beauty’s message making it more relevant to the individual. With each Persona, Box Beauty has the opportunity to grow their reach by intersecting with the lives of consumers who have their own values and needs. These types of personas are a another way to build brand loyalty and consumer advocacy.

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